With your Installer’s help, you must complete a Mass Solar Loan technical application at the Mass Solar Loan portal,  indicating your intent to apply for Income Based Loan Support, before you can apply for income verification. If you have already completed an application on the Mass Solar Loan portal, please use the link provided in the email sent from the portal to begin your income verification process.

If you have already started the income verification process on this site, you can log-in and either complete your income verification or view the status of your already submitted request.

If you have already completed an application under the Clean Heating and Cooling Program in the past year, and now would like to apply under Solar Loan, you do not need to complete another application. Please contact us at customerservice@massceciverify or call us at 877-523-5023 and we will ensure your previous income verification information is applied to the Solar Loan program

Feel free to call us at 877-523-5023 if you have any questions.