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Can I submit an application to determine my eligibility to receive income based support to more than one program?
Yes. You may apply for income verification to both the Mass Solar Loan and Clean Heating Programs but separate applications must be submitted to each. Eligibility for all Clean Heating and Cooling programs will be determined in response to a single application. For example, if you submit an application to determine your eligibility for income based support under the ground-source heat pump program, your letter of determination will also indicate your eligibility under the air-source heat pump, solar thermal, and biomass programs.
Does it cost anything submit an application to determine my eligibility to receive income-based support?
Income verification is free.
Does my household size impact my eligibility?
Yes. Eligibility limits are based on a sliding scale with income thresholds increasing as household size increases. The thresholds can be found here.
How do I complete the eSignature on my 4506-T form?
After selecting eSign on Step 4, you will receive an email from Veri-Tax with the subject “4506-T Form E-Sign Request.” Open the email and click on the link that states “Click here to review and eSign.” You will be asked for a password (the last four digits of your SSN.) Follow the instructions found in the email.
How do I determine my household size?
The Household Member definition is based on the US Census bureau definition and would include any person occupying (living in) the system owners household. If you would include the person when filling out a US Census form they should be included here. As part of the Income Verification application, system owners will indicate the number of 18+ Household Members, as well as the number of Under 18 Household Members. The total of these two values will determine your total Household Size, and income from all 18+ Household Members will be included in the verification.
How is total household income calculated?
Total household income is calculated by adding the total income (line 7b of the 2019 Tax Form 1040 or line 6 of the 2018 Tax Form 1040) of each adult in the household.
I was divorced last year, can I subtract my spouses income to qualify?
The income used to determine eligibility is the gross income on the last tax return you filed. If you filed jointly, your spouse’s income would be included. You would need to wait until you filed your next tax return if you wished to use only your own income.
Is my spouse’s income included when calculating my household income?
Your household income is determined solely based on the total income listed on the last tax return you filed. If you filed a joint return, your spouse’s income would be included.
What happens to my paperwork after I mail or fax it?
InClime scans all paper copies of the 4506-T into the MassCECiverify portal, where they are stored in an encrypted format. All paper copies are then destroyed by cross-cut shredder. No paper copies of the 4506-T are retained.
Will completing this application impact my credit score?
No. This verification consists only of an income verification using the IRS form 4506-T. This form is sent directly to the IRS, and the IRS sends the results only to us. We share the results only with MassCEC and you, and we do so only to determine program eligibility. This income verification is not reported to any other parties.

Clean Heating and Cooling Programs

Why am I unable to select “Wood Stove” on Step 1?
The Wood Stove Change-Out Program is only available for a few months out of the year. If you are unable to select Wood Stove as your technology, then the program deadline has passed. Please refer to our homepage to view the deadline.

Mass Solar Loan Program

How do co-signers and co-applicants affect eligibility for projects seeking Income Based Loan Support?

If a project is seeking Income Based Loan Support, all co-applicants (two or more people who are jointly applying for a loan) must be listed as the System Owner or as a Household Member on the Technical Confirmation, and must be included in the income verification.

If a project including Income Based Loan Support requires a co-signer to meet lender underwriting requirements, that customer may add a true co-signer: this would be a second person in the process who does not necessarily have an interest in the property and who is only liable for the loan if the original borrower fails to pay. In this case, the co-signer is not required to be listed on the Technical Confirmation or included in the income verification.